Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day 2 at Blue Ginger

I've been a long time looking up anthropomorphous in the dictionary but I'm ready to start now.
Lindsay was a bit creaky today -she fell over a pig or something yesterday. She lost her favourite needle in the grass....(she remembered her kit today!) It was a bit like lost in a hay stack....well a bit.... so Lois suggested she roll naked to find it quickly.( She didn't.)
I'm only going to have room for the random mutterings as I was busy sewing my fingers to the bone and I can't listen, sew and write at the same time.
Katie rifling through Kathleen's stash..... 'Coo, look at this. Handy for a fig leaf party.'
Lindsay... throughout the day...'I will live.' (Everyone ignored this. )
Ann....'We've a duty to these creatures'.... (Everyone nodded wisely... the anthropomorphic effect you know, )
Someone... 'This is like Frankenstein's bride.'
Lindsay... 'I made this one a wart... but I changed my mind.'
Someone... 'I've got to stuff a leg.'
The big giggle of the day was small pig (not real!) which Lois had placed on a pot hole over which people were tripping. It sort of grunted when you trod on it, cruel I know. Katie named it Maria ( ref... tennis...) This is really sad but every time it grunted we laughed....
You know yesterday I said that Lindsay was to introduce underwear into her art ? We didn't have to wait long... her final flourish of the day was to dress her creature ( I am emboldened here...) in a thong and ... ummm tassels. You must see to believe!
I have to say the visiting public were struck with awe and wonder as they passed by. ( I think. )

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Conceptual Platform!

See previous post. A new workspace brings about new ways of looking at things (ahem!)...

We are now artists in residence!

Wed 29th June.
Just after dawn ( I lie) saw dust rising from the Blue Ginger Summerhouse and up went the bunting. Beautiful things were appearing out of boxes and pretty soon we were needles at the ready.
Oh dear our priceless Lindsay announced she had forgotten her sewing things.........
No french knots for her then.
However we gave her lots of ideas for her sketch book. (?) One of the things we must all get used to is making sure we are on the same 'conceptual platform'. A piece of jargon which we kept coming back to, mainly because it made us laugh. Lindsay did a cartoon of this. (Someone cleverer than I will post a photo of it.)
Lindsay is also working on a piece involving high rise/low rise underwear which should attract attention. (Hope I'm allowed to write underwear in a blog.)
We did manage to stop giggling when the Japanese tourists came in because we didn't want to give the Brits a bad name.
It was just like being back at college again though I think we probably got more done.
I'm keeping a real paper blog throughout the week with all the details ( the unexpurgated version.) Tomorrow will be fun!

Monday, 27 June 2011

The beginnings of a group challenge

This week will see the Wednesday Group set up camp in the Artist's Summerhouse at Sue Lim's Blue-Ginger Gallery. We will be there between 29th June - 3rd July, merrily stitching away.
The photo above shows the beginning of a group challenge which will be tackled on Thursday 30th June. These scraps of calico, once stuffed into irregular shapes, will form the basis of our 'Consequence Creature' challenge. The creatures will be displayed in the Summerhouse for the remainder of our week at the Gallery... why not come along and see what we get up to?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sew to Speak

This blog is for the group of embroiderers who met at the Wednesday Embroidery class in Malvern..

Working to set up the group as authors - so far Annie, Ann, Katie, Alison and Kathleen have made it onto the list.  Katie and Kathleen and Lois are 'admin' as well as permitted authors, so any comments on design or 'fancy' stuff can be dealt with by any of these three.