Friday, 28 October 2011


There is a reverse side of being a textile artist.....your nearest and dearest think that as you love sewing (and them too) that you really love doing their mending! My offspring have had a four way textile bypass and show no interest in the subject at all except where bottoms are concerned. ( You won't get a photo of this.)
They have all reached the age when it's no longer cool or desirable to have that bit of anatomy on display and because times is hard,(we call it make do and mend) holes have to be covered. Well, this week my technical support team had to be approached and the result was, help was given but traded for patches. (Fair enough, I had a technical bypass when I reached a certain age.)
Actually I resisted the temptation to use red polka dots and florescent thread too! (He might have put glitches in my lap top.)
It reminded me of the occasion when Son 1 was off on holiday with girl to impress. He bought new white trousers which needed altering (12 hours to take off!) I did them of course and returned them pressed and folded. (But with an added extra - a message embroidered in red under the crotch.) I can't write in public what it said but you can use your imagination. Shame I didn't see his face when he unfolded them. So even dull tasks can be brightened if you are a textile artist .( wrote she quickly as justification.)

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Re-awakening.

You may be forgiven for thinking that we've all gone to ground. No, it was a temporary hibernation....we're all around... and even met last week. Well six of us maybe the others are still snoozing. I've been playing catch-up with all the undone house work/gardening that was over looked during the summer.

After the exhibition we set ourselves a teeny task of making badges for each other. This could be for services to textiles or anything we felt appropriate really. Lois is going to post the results as a post in their own right soon. (Her house is falling down so she's busy holding it up at the moment.) We gave the badges to each other last week and pretty amazing they were too.

Lindsay made mine with her usual flair for portraiture and humour! So this is the one I want to talk about now! It's very big and very purple and not something I would wear when I venture out into the world because of what it says...BUT I had this idea that I might use it in different ways. I've made a sleeve for my current sketch book and fixed it on the front. It looks great. Also I could fix it on a bag. When I'm having a bad face day I could fix it on my nose. Send ideas on a postcard please. Anyway I'll start with a sensible idea... the sketch book.