Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Birth of a 9" by 9".

I love the way that the things you make gather a little history round them from the start. ( Lois's previous blog.) I've started my mini quilt now and it started from what is possibly the smallest poem in the world...well ...Herefordshire. The poem popped into my head when I was gathering words to describe 'The Wednesday Group'


French knotty.'

From 'dotty' I thought 'spotty'and piled up all my dotty, spotty bits and pieces in a gorgeous heap.

I did promise Grand daughter No 1 that I wouldn't cut the lovely spots from my apron..... ( I have been known to snip essential bits from my apparel in the past.. as you well know.) BUT I had enough spots and spare to cover my 9" by 9" so my wardrobe was safe. To keep faith with the tiny poem I had to go for 'crazy patchwork', nothing else would have worked would it?

So, the crazy quilt was born, each little piece bringing it's own story with it. The crazy bit done, the knotty bit is under way along with a tiny representation of each group member in stitches. It will be fun to see if everyone can spot which bit is theirs!

Friday, 11 November 2011

a new challenge

We needed to think of a new project to keep the impetus going.  It is easy to let a month slip by without doing any creative stitchery if you don't have the pressure of a group project - a bit like the Weight Watchers weigh-in I suppose.

Kathleen suggested we make a small group quilt.  Each person will make a quilted piece that is nine by nine inches.  They won't be stitched together as a complete quilt, just connected loosely, which is probably a relief to the people who are good at neat edgings, not having to worry about how lumpy the surrounding edges will be, and a relief to those of us that are not good at neat edges because we don't have to try!

The theme is the group itself - what we see The Wednesday Group representing and meaning to us.  I have been trying to think how to encapsulate my feelings about the group in a visual image.  What the group means to me is a completely supportive and inventive collaboration, bolstered by laughter.  We all see the world in different ways, all have different talents, and are all delighted by the capacities each other demonstrate.  That is a pretty big challenge to show visually.

As I am moving house to a small flat I have decided to restrict the size of works I do and also to limit my materials.  As part of our downsizing we were getting rid of many of the ties I have painted my husband over the years.  Rather than give them to a charity shop I decided to keep them as my colour palette.  Something made from these will be the basis of my small quilt.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Crafty Convertions.

(The alternative title is upcycled knickers but I thought I had better keep this under it were. )

Last month's TWG challenge was to design and make a badge for another member of the group.We drew names out of a hat and I drew Lindsay. This was easy because Lindsay loves cake and sewing food is my current speciality. So, I made her a cute little cup cake badge.She was very pleased with it so I whispered in her ear a little secret to make her laugh and that started a rumour going round about the origins of the component parts of her badge.

The story started a few years ago when I entered a 'Angie Hughes' competition. We were to make a book wrap for a named book. I chose to make one for my vintage 'Good Housekeeping' cookery book which was disintegrating and that's where it all began. Take a close look at the 'paper' cases round the cakes below.

I was searching round for just the right piece of fabric for them when I remembered my french knickers! So bearing in mind some things have to be sacrificed for art, I snipped away and the first cupcakes were born. ( The book wrap came second out of 40+ entries by the way....surely the cup cakes clinched it!) I'm sure no one noticed the missing bits on my underwear either.

Roll on a couple years to last February. Our postcard challenge this month was something beginning with f. I decided on 'furry cakes' and again snipped a bit more off the afore mentioned knickers to make an authentic looking paper case, and the next cupcake appeared. This idea amused me so for our exhibition I made a 3d version which you will see below and yes, another snip into the knickers. The holes now noticable! ( But I don't wear them in windy weather.)

The sixth snip was for Lindsay's badge which you must look out for when the badge blog is published. All this activity leaves the knickers looking decidedly asymetrical though. What can I do to even them up?

All this talk of knickers. Queen Victoria's were held up for auction last week. I don't know how much they fetched but she would not have been amused. ( And I have to say mine are much more glamorous than her's...even with bits missing.)