Sunday, 26 February 2012

Needles and Stitches.

(My excuse for including this bit of nonsense is that was completed with needles and stitches!)

Way back in late Autumn, I was in the mood for playing house and decided to freshen up our heap of cushions. I made a couple and plumped everything up a far so good. ( Sew far Sew good?)

BUT really what I was hankering for ( my mum called this 'hanging your nose over'...what a strange expression) was a knitted cushion .(A bit like an aran jumper with cables.) They looked so cosy and texture perfect for winter (and besides which I'd seen the ultimate one in the
L---- A-----catalogue.) I don't know about you but once I've seen the perfect one nothing else will do.Except in this case it cost nearly £40.00. Anyway, have hands can knit ( but not for ages.) I toddled down to the wonderful 'Knitting Parlour' in Great Malvern in search of wool and pattern. The only pattern they had was in a book costing £15.00 and no wool at all in the colour I wanted.

So Plan B. Sometimes there is no easy way....why does ones brain always want easy? From the depths of my grey matter I retrieved the information on how to do cables, then set too and did a sample to work out the pattern. Clever stuff eh? But the next sticking point was wool. However as luck would have it I was helping at our local Christmas Fair and spotted the largest ball of aran wool in the world for the sum of £1.50! It was all coming together. Nothing to do now but get on with it. So I did.
Best of all, I only used half the wool so it only cost 75p!
No, that wasn't the best bit. The best outcome was when Grand daughter 2 was looking at it and said that she'd seen that kind of knitting on someone's hat. True. I asked if she would like to learn to knit and she used all my purple wool up in one sitting. (Going through the purple phase.) The next day she came armed with a purse full of pocket money and we set off to the afore mentioned parlour in search of purple wool. We had an idyllic hour drooling over the woolly jewels and both agreed we'd like nothing better than a ball of everything in the shop.And to cap it all, the next day she arrived with a little friend who too wanted to learn the delights of knitting! Very soon we were all in, over, through and offing like mad. Great stuff.
PS, I did stitch it up! (So there was some sewing.)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More than cake and textiles

Today's session was at Lindsay's house in the wilds of Herefordshire.  A small yellow bird was spotted in the here is a photo showing that we are interested in more things than just textiles and cake.

Amongst the planning for the summer workshop at Blue Ginger and our submission to the Festival of Quilts we also shared projects we have been working on.  Our current theme is book jackets -some inspiration from Jillian Tamaki.  Katie brought an astonishing file of information on 'My Airman' - she has been researching an airman whose notice of being missing in action is pasted inside the front of a book of Chesterton's verse.    She also brought a copy one of her hardbacks she makes from each year's textiletreasureseeker blogs.  Many oohs and aahs; it was very beautiful.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Four Go Wild in Trumpet

Yesterday, an advanced scouting party made up of four members of The Wednesday Group went on an adventure to Trumpet Corner in deepest darkest Herefordshire. The aim of our exploits? To discover what this new tea room and art studios was all about.

A very promising start!

As this was an extremely important assignment on behalf of the group, we obviously took it very seriously.

We discussed many topics including: why does Lindsay's scarf keep slipping round her neck?; Morris men - should they all have beards and why do some of them hit their sticks together so boisterously? Public toilets - why is there never enough room to get out of them without having to squeeze yourself against the side of the cubicle in a very un-ladylike fashion? Lindsay also told us about the hazards of trying to answer a call of nature whilst wearing multiple layers of warm weather clothing and flourescent work attire (it's a tricky business).

Just as I was about to finish my rather yummy piece of chocolate and beetroot cake, I remembered I should have taken a photo of it for you all to see. So here it is...looking a lot smaller than when it was cut from the rest of the oh-so-scrumptious cake that was under an elegant cake dome on the tea room's counter.

Here's my peppermint tea. We were all rather taken with the pretty tea strainer.

I thought the teapot had a very pleasing shape to it as well!

I'm not 100% sure what caused this ripple of laughter. Perhaps it was Anni discussing crimplene (awful stuff), or one of us regaling stories about going on courses to learn new computer skills (bad idea), or back to the topic of Lindsay trying to spend a penny whilst wearing hi-vis and very work wear that makes the most terrible rustling noises!

After much chatter, cake eating and laughter, we thought we'd better have a look at the studio space! The Wednesday Group are having a year off from holding a major exhibition this year but fear not, we've decided to take up short residencies in galleries watch this space.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One week to go!

It's been a bit gloomy in Mathon over the last few fact rumour has it that the Malvern Hills have been stolen! They haven't been seen for the last 24 hours.......have alerted the police.

Anyway, I digress. To cheer things up a bit, I thought I would enter into the spirit of the month and create. (I'm a hopeless case.)

Aaah! Where shall I put them? Well, could try here.......

A few hearts hanging around are bound to cheer everything up. (I think we have a bit of a pink theme going.) However, it's started me thinking. there's all sorts of things you could do with hearts. Off I go again!

My Best Beloved would prefer cake I know, heart shaped or not. But how can you put french knots on cake? Quite! The answer is to sew them.

I'm expecting a flood of orders when this is published. So hurry now!

One week to go.