Friday, 16 March 2012

Improving photographs

Pearls of Wisdom, Judy Dames

Embroidery is s tricky thing to photograph.  It has varying reflective qualities, fine detail, and may be behind glass.  Katie set about try and help us take better pictures so that we could make postcards of our work.  Just to make things more challenging I took a small 3d piece (earrings by Annie), a glazed picture Judy Dames gave me - Pearls of Wisdom, and an embroidery of the bones of normal and wrapped feet on a very shiny fabric, with the embroidery I did being in the same colours as the embroidery on the dress.

Katie photographing the silk dress
The pictures in this blog were just taken with my little food camera - better quality ones of the objects photographed with Katie's camera may turn up as postcards at our events.

a photo from Lindsay's album

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday at Katies

A lovely spring day, and the group met for the usual cake and chatter.  We also discussed our submission to the 2012 Festival of Quilts.  We have each made a small quilt, and will combine these to form a single quilted piece that will form our entry in the Group category.  

Annie and Katie displayed their progress in our current project, a book cover.  Judy brought a completed book cover, an impressive display of her ability to do fine work and create drama.

We spent some time exploring the art and difficulty of photographing embroidered pieces, which often have complex textures, reflective surfaces and fine details.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Patchwork - a secret dimension.

My 'coolness' as a grandmother was seriously diminished yesterday when grand daughter No 1 came across my current piece of sewing.
'Nanny, what's this for?' she inquired.

'Oh, it's a little sewing kit to hold my bits and bobs when I'm on the move.'
'But Nanny, you've got a needle case, the one daddy made when he was six. You're not going to stop using that!' (Statement!)
'Well, this one has a tiny pin cushion and a little pocket for my thimble and scissors so they won't get lost.'

Unimpressed, she then wanted to know why there was paper left in the patches.

'That's not just paper, that's a valentine card Granddad sent me ages ago. I want to keep it.'
( Now you'll have to imagine the withering look, fingers down throat and yukky noises.)
One word...'Nan---ay!!'
( She told me the other day she was a pre-teen. Was it only last year I was making clothes for her teddy?)
When I was looking through my college folders the other day I came across this piece worked as a sample.
We had been admiring the work of someone who had found a vintage piece of patchwork and had presented it
as a work of art displaying the papers cut from an old letter or something. We all thought it a charming idea so
I came up with my own version with something personal to me. I hadn't intended showing it to anyone but it's
obviously not going to be a treasured family heirloom so here it is.