Friday, 13 April 2012


You've got to give it to the daisy. You cut their heads off one day but next day they're back! How do they do that? Anyway, I won't digress. I had the most enchanting new sewing/art book the other day. ('Page after page' by Francis Pickering.) It's the kind of book I want to dip into all the time.She too has a bit of a thing going for daisies and caused a chain reaction...sorry.. I just had to sew a daisy!
If any of you are researching the development of 'installation art', I can help. It all began in my garden shed when I was a girl. A small bunch of us would gather on a designated day for 'Daisy day'. It involved all things with daisies...the longest chain...something to wear....the most unusual object bird's nest, watering can...decorating the shed itself. If this was done today, there would be a big ballyhoo with bunting and cupcakes, local newspaper, loads of photos. Then it was 'Very nice dear. can you tidy the shed before your dad gets home.'