Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We're sew ready!

Those of you not living in the UK......  our green and pleasant land is now awash with red, white and blue like we haven't seen for a good many years. As Jubilee approaches this weekend, everyone is so busy and creative.......that's GOOD! Those of us who stitch have been busy for a good number of weeks so I thought I would show you what I have been up to here in Mathon. Our preparations are very modest ...we don't even have a street...... but there are a few sheep who will look on in awe and wonder.

We're having tea of course.

I've got my hat ready. A sun hat of course.....but I'm full of doubt...maybe I should have made it a rain hat.

This is dual purpose for the Jubilee/Olympics. ( Or anything else I can think of....gardening....suggestions?)
On occasions when I don't feel like looking too silly, I have a little patriotic cone brooch to pin discreetly to my jacket....don't want to look as if I've tried too hard.

I've also made a pocket size sewing purse to carry all you need when you're on the move.

When you open it, there's a pincushion, needle book and a little pouch to put your scissors and thimble or cards of thread.


I thought this would be a nice souvenir of 2012. I'm hoping to sell a few items like this at our 'Stitch Camp' at 'Blue Ginger'.
Anyway, fingers crossed for fine weather at the weekend.  My friend tells me that it takes her one and a half hours to walk along her street now! (Usually 5 mins.) That's because after planning their street party they now know all their neighbours. A very positive outcome of the celebrations to come....but not when you're in a hurry!