Monday, 26 November 2012

Birds are back.

Oh, help. I think I overdosed on pink and purple. (I feel like I do halfway through eating a giant meringue.) See previous blog. Anyway, I put all the froth and flowers away for a while and went back to stitching bits of this and that. Then I had this overwhelming desire to make another bird.

This beautiful lichen covered Cotoneaster is cunningly placed to lure all migratory birds flying south for the winter.Once spotted, I enticed it inside with a trail of last year's Christmas pudding to get a better shot.

He's really sorry that he's arrived so early and not even December yet, but he needed to practise.
( Maybe I have a new career opportunity...stitching faux mistletoe!)
I think there may be several species of Christmas bird...keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Licence for fun!

My licence for fun arrived in the post. Want to see?

I'll tell you does cheer one up on gloomy November days. I leave it around in pools of colour in my workroom and it really catches your eye and lifts the spirits.
Now I had better play catch up and let you know what this is all about. I am going to make my grand daughter a bridesmaid's dress for a special wedding to take place on a Scottish beach in March. (The beach bit explains why I showed you the purple/pink boots last blog but one.)
I was busy doing a project based on a piece of lace which belonged to my grandmother when I diverted to bridesmaid dress but I'm trying to combine the two.

Before I met up with my grand daughter, I did a few samples of flowers on net just to see if I could. The results were varied...I'll show you a few, warts and all.

I appliqued different fabrics, silk, organza and layers of net and tried a few ways of edging them, some by hand ,some by machine. After we had discussed the design  and established that the skirt would be several layers of net on top of satin, we discussed the embellishments and how putting flowers on the net might look.
I had imagined that an edging of flowers on net peeking below the dress would be interesting.

However, we both agreed that it would be better to purchase some suitable nets and carry on trying out ideas before we made any decisions. Since the arrival of my bundle of fun, I have been trying out ways of stabilizing the flowers prior to sewing as my machine doesn't really know if it is enjoying itself yet. One suggestion from my 'client' was that the flowers could be between the layers, so I put a few of the samples in a mock up of a skirt to see what effect it would have. I don't know whether you can see in the photo but it gives the feeling of depth. This could work.

Anyway, it's early days yet and lots of fun ahead. These flowers were all made of several layers of net but I've got to perfect the edging. Might try a corded edge. I must hunt round to find some variegated organza as that might give a shimmer to flowers underneath. Lots to do and think about...........

The wedding was on Easter Saturday, bitterly cold but fine! This is how it looked in the end, shot the day before on some boats on the beach.

No, she didn't catch pneumonia! Alexander McQueen designed an embroidered tulle dress and had it photographed up a snowy mountain on the edge of a precipice...but the model did have a fur jacket! I had asked for a photo with my model lashed to a mast with a background of a stormy sea .Well they did their best! We're not a sailing family.