Monday, 31 December 2012

Refining ideas through iteration

Our current group project starts with a photo, in this case of the bridge and riverside at Worcester.  We then were to make an A5 drawing based on this image, use this drawing to produce another drawing, and repeat this process until we had six images.  We would then use this final image as the inspiration for an embroidery.

I drew five images and ended up with something so minimal that a further iteration would have led to an image far too dull to want to embroider.  At this stage I backed off from the image and simply reassembled the details I liked best from the drawings I had made.  This took the image back to a recognisable landscape.  I am not sure what I will do next, but the process of looking and drawing, and then having to re-draw, does make me look at both imagery and design in a more considered way.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Textile Bird Box

In the middle of making my Christmas bird, I heard that 'The Wednesday Group' have an exhibition venue sorted for next year. This led me to think of all the birds we have made this year and how we will show them.  I've already got my lovely cage but really we should have bird boxes too. I got to work straight away, seizing the moment, and made a little paper model of a fantasy bird box.

 Fired up and ready to go, I looked out some foam board pieces, scaled things up and started cutting walls of a life size box. This was to be the supporting structure under the textile exterior. Sadly I ran out of foam board before the end so this part is on hold until my next shopping trip.

However I kept looking at my little paper model........... before I knew it I was cutting tiny walls from felt! I used 'bondaweb' to fuse the felt to heavy duty vilene so the structure would stand and fused a lining to all inside surfaces to give extra support. Then I stitched away 'till lunchtime. I was ready for the roof to go on.

I share my working environment with two architects.....that is they work away in their office and I work anywhere in the rest of the house. At lunchtime I mentioned the fact I could be facing a construction problem with my building and immediately got loads of free advice. Things like 'splayed gable ends' ...'reduced effectuality of the ridge'... 'over balanced the entire structure' were being bandied about. I thought it sounded important but it turns out I hadn't designed it properly! I protested loudly that I wanted my walls leaning out and my roof overhanging and I wasn't aware that textile artists had to abide by building regulations!

Anyway they let me off and designed a tiny space frame for the roof and tiny roof trusses out of balsa wood.Then I stuck my roof on and they went away feeling they had another satisfied client. ( How do you sew a roof on?)

I put it in a tiny tree for now. I'm not sure I can make a bird small enough to go in it though.