Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bird's 'des res' ready in time for Spring.

As in the human world, it's sometimes takes a while to get builders back to finish the job! However, cajoled by the tweeting of the rare 'Clough' bird who was anxious to find a 'des res', I took up the needle again to address the tricky problem of the roof. (This follows on from 'The story that ended in a bird box.' Jan blog.)

Clough had discovered a roofless house which might be suitable but thought that the builder must have gone on to another job. (Mmmm, too right.)

Now how can we bribe the builder back?  Perhaps a feature in 'Homes and Gardens'?

Aah! That worked. All topped out nicely.

Now for a closer look.

The perfect place! When can I move in?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bright bevy of birds

We gathered for chatter and cake on a bright day with gusts of snow.  Most of the birds we had made since our first summerhouse project were brought together for some photos to include in the publicity materials for our upcoming exhibition in Ledbury in September.  While Kathleen took formal shots against a neutral background I attempted to get some photos which showed the variety and charm of these little creatures.

The birds range in size from wren to pigeon, and in style from madbird to elegance.  We all bring our own stitching and creative styles to these little creations, so that even starting from the same point the birds all end being different.

The birds sat on the hall table until we had finished tea.  This photo reminded me of actors in a green room before a play.

 Two clusters of mid sized birds - hatching plots.

 Very neatly made feet - by Ann of course.

 A gaggle birds waiting to be chosen by Kathleen for her shots.  Kathleen was very appropriately wearing a dress with subtle canaries in the print.

This exquisite bird by Kathleen was very happy in one of Anni's plants - look carefully, the tail is the same colour as the sun streaming through the leaves.

Different ways to represent feathers.

Two wise birds - owlishly watching from the back row as the smaller birds hopped and skipped around the table. Lois's freeform owl on the left, and Alison's sombre owl on the right.

Ann's jungle bird very happy with the vivid plants in the sun streaming through the window.  You saw the bird's feet a few photos ago.

Alison's birds having a meal in this cage - a work in progress.

Katie has been busy rearing a small human and doing other embroidery tasks- her glamorous bird was made in our summerhouse project in the pouring rain.  Seen here with a bird of similar tones built around an armature (rough wire skeleton).

A cheerful bird with a worm - thought the worm seems to be about to fly off in this shot.

These birds will perch around the exhibition alongside the other work the group has completed since our Sew to Speak exhibition two years ago.