Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cake and onions

A much reduced group, in both numbers and volume of laughter, met today at Anni's lovely home.  Wisteria dribbled down the side of the house, the great purple flower spikes smelling, she was told by a  child, like rice pudding.  The table was spread with a pretty cloth, and strawberry cupcakes, fudge topped coffee cake, and scones and cream, were met with gusto.

Most of us have done very little embroidery recently, with holidays, wedding, chicken pox, house moves and other time consuming things getting in the way. Judy has, however, been on a course at the Ikon gallery in Birmingham with Alice Kettle, and showed us her remarkable onion drawings.

This first drawing was made by dipping a piece of thread in ink and trailing it on the paper.  It produces a very fluid, energetic line.

The second was made with a flat metal skewer, of the sort used to make kebabs with bits of vegetables.  

After a few more exercises this work was translated into stitch, though the time ran out before this was completed.

We were all impressed with the images these techniques produced, and intrigued by the potential of such a process.