Monday, 19 August 2013

Our birds are all of a twitter!

There was a bit of a twitter going on last week...... all The Wednesday Group birds were summoned to a photo shoot for the local press. (Advance publicity for our exhibition next month.) A bit of feather fluffing went on, preening of french knots and punking up of raw edges, before jostling for position to get noticed.

Some of the confusion was caused by the lovely photographer calling out 'Watch the birdie'. I remember she did this once before...they don't know which birdie to watch.Anyway, after calling 'Cake crumbs later!' they finally lined up and the shot was taken!

Some of our brood didn't make it sadly. Minor migrations have taken place. For instance a little Scandi bird has gone off to the land where it's always Christmas.

                                This little beauty was loath to leave his toning accommodation!

Bird box bird, featured in a previous blog, is doing a summer season in Worcestershire but has promised to be back for the Autumn.

Sadly the little Wimblechick is no longer with us. He was cleverly created from tennis ball fabric which caused his downfall. You've guessed it! He migrated to Wimbledon and during a particularly long rally, flew up to check the score and was volleyed to oblivion by this year's winner. But what a way to go!

Newly hatched this week is the colourful firebird. He's been promised a swing for his gilded cage....but he can hardly stand up never mind cling on to a perch.

We've all got a bit addicted to making birds...especially me! But there will be lots of other stuff in the exhibition ,all the challenges we have set ourselves over the past couple of years for a start. But I will tell you all about those soon.
Best go and get a few things finished then.