Thursday, 3 October 2013

The party's over but we stitch on!

Our preferred gallery is a wonderfully quirky, little place off an ancient cobbled street in Ledbury.(In deepest Herefordshire.) One approaches it straight off the street through an old wooden door and up a flight of stairs. To make this a little more enticing, we decided to cover the walls in birds as if they were swooping up to glimpse the exhibition themselves.

Well, most of them...a few remembered they had a prior engagement and turned to go. 
As you  have probably gathered by now, the exhibition had a distinctly birdie feel and the birds mingled with the 'serious stuff'....( serious ?)...effortlessly. To add to the general ambiance, we played birdsong quietly throughout. One visitor remarked that even the local birds were joining in!

To add to the open air feel, the exhibition title was put on a signpost, so a few of the birds perched on it obligingly. We had to put Fire bird in a cage though as we didn't want him spreading like wild fire(ha ha) amongst the local bird population and cause a problem like the green parakeets in London!

Little groups of them congregated in corners, putting a smile on visitors faces. All had their own charm even causing a minor disturbance when two ladies fell in love with the same bird. Quite a few of these birdie creations have flown off now to lead a new life where I hope they will continue to generate the same amount of fun. My grand daughter was heartbroken that I should even consider selling mine and apparently is saving up to buy them herself.

At first glance, this corner seems a rather strange collection..with apologies to the two members whose work on the wall I cut off unintentionally. This all came about after a visitor to one of our previous exhibitions donated a suitcase of bits and pieces (later known as the suitcase of treasure.) We had a lovely afternoon diving in and choosing the bits that caught our eye.Then someone came up with the idea that we should make something using just those bits  to test our ingenuity....and we ended up with this collection which is quite a departure from our usual work.The patchwork cushion at the back was not for sale but had there been twelve, they would have all sold.

This project caused the most angst ....with the result that some are still W.I.P. We started with a photo of the bridge over the Severn at Worcester and made of it what we would! Yes, a couple of us managed to include birds too...though we didn't get any brownie points for this. The green work on the table is a contribution in glass inspired by the same photo...that is the 'so forth' bit... the rest of course the 'sew on'. (This explains the title of our exhibition.We included work in other media by members of our group.)

I haven't shown you all the work, just bits that maybe haven't starred before.It was a fantastic week and we have a book full of lovely comments about people leaving feeling inspired The one I liked best was from a lady who could no longer sew but spent ages looking round. She wrote that she hoped everyone would take the time to look properly !
 Our college tutor (that was) managed to get to see it this time and declared us to be professional with work of a diverse and high glad we didn't let her down.