Monday, 16 December 2013

Sixteen Shades of Blue.

It was October when we hatched up plans for this particular project. (Fewer group members than normal met ......and twice as many decisions were made...funny that! ) Fresh in my mind was something I had read in 'Connected Cloth' by Anne Kelly and Cas Holmes. I'm sure this is the same for every creative group but we are always amazed at the diverse results from the same starting point.We then wondered what would happen if we restricted the starting point even further and used exactly the same materials. So, sixteen shades of blue was born. Everyone was to take a piece of blue fabric and a blue accessory for embellishment to share at the next meeting.

                                          First things first...... eat the cake then clear the decks.

Ginger cake and autumn fruit excellent start to the meeting. Now let's get down to business.                                                                            What have we got?

A sea of blue.

Divide into eight.

Everything sorted.
Oh help, who thought of this idea?

All packed and ready to go.
Don't lose all those little bits!
No cheating!
The Wednesday Group police will check you've used every last one.

I spread mine out when I got home.
Using some of those accessories will be tricky.
(The revenge of those not at the October meeting.)

The rule is that you must use all the materials provided but the let-out clause is that how much you use of each is up to you! Phew! I kept looking at my pile and rearranging the pieces. This is not going to be easy. birds ...jumped into my mind. I'm still slightly obsessed with birds, I know. Yes, blue birds.
I'm going to go with blue birds.

 Then what do you know? Lois, who ran away to play with the artists in St Ives all Autumn, posted a picture of her finished work! Some people had barely got home!

Hopefully, Lois will post her 16 shades of blue here...........she is,as I write, moving house and it's Christmas! She may be a little distracted.........

However, I can give you a verbal preview. The work shows choppy seas around the harbour at St Ives. I did wonder if she had included the press studs. (See last photo.) I am assured that they are part of the flotsam on the beach!

Now, back to the blue birds. I decided to make another book telling a story. I won't give the story line away just yet, but I will show Page 1. Spot the press studs. (No prizes.)

So far I have used six of the sixteen shades of blue...but I'm only on page one. Everyone else is being very cagey about what they are doing. 'It's a mystery' was a phrase being bandied about...which if you're anything like me will interpret as 'I haven't a clue!' Someone else was talking about a useful household object. Another was thinking along the lines of 'feeling blue and may stay under the duvet', but I wasn't sure whether she meant she was cold and staying in bed or she was sewing in bed. We'll have to wait and see.Also I think someone was thinking along the lines of a Japanese garment. This sounds promising. Again the press studs could be tricky!.....and the glass pebble!

Obviously I didn't do too well as a journalist finding the 'info' for this blog so I'll leave you on a cliff hanger. Tune in again to find out who 'dun' what, with what and how the press studs fitted in.