Monday, 17 February 2014

Stitching a kiln view

I have become engrossed with working with glass, and have done little stitching other than the housekeeping variety.  However, I am currently trying to make my first deep piece of fused glass, which needs the glass to be trapped by solid bars to make it stay thick rather than running out all over the kiln shelf to be the six mm thick it always wants to be.

I posted a photograph of the kiln set up on our Facebook page, and got so many positive comments on the appearance that I thought I would make a fabric version.

I worked on some artist's canvas with bondaweb stiffening.  The supports were cut from some curtain bumph stiffened with pva glue that I had left over from the C&G course we all did. The 'glass' seascape was stitched with an embroidery foot.  It is a long time since I worked like this, and as I layered different colours I found that the sound of the machine changed- on the final light coloured layer the needle seemed to be struggling a bit but I just assumed it was due to the build up of stitch.  However, when I removed the work from the machine I found I had accidentally stitched a catalogue to the back of the fabric.  I set about to remove it, although this would have meant restitching that layer.  I then realised that it was a catalogue from a glass shop in Venice and was so appropriate I left it in place.

I framed this in a white box frame which mimics the sidewalls of the kiln.  Not a perfect copy of the kiln, but an amusing idea.   I am still waiting for the kiln to go cold enough to be able to safely remove the glass.  This little project has been useful in keeping me from fretting and obsessing about the temperature falling slowly, steadily and safely in my glass studio.


The next day the kiln was cool, the piece had worked and it even stood up!