Saturday, 14 June 2014

Polish those's stitch camp again!

This week sees us heading for Blue Ginger Summerhouse again for a short residency and what's more...the weather seems set to fair! We've had our fair share of rain and cold and sinking in the mud but I have to say last year surprised us, let me remind you!

A few of us having a lunch break in Blue Ginger gardens. Savoury muffin and salad is a Wednesday Group favourite...that is if we can bear to put our sewing down.

What could be nicer to be together and stitch in such a lovely spot on a summer's day?

We made a surprising discovery that white clover has an amazing scent. It wafted round the gazebo as we worked away.

This year we are using butterflies as our reason... they just seem so summery. On Thursday, most of the group can make it and we are challenging ourselves to make a butterfly brooch.

A few of us are making giant butterflies to decorate the summerhouse and entice folk to come and see what we're up to. May be they will want to stay and make one of their own or at least make a paper one to add to our collection as the week goes on! More blogging soon.