Friday, 12 September 2014

The Shocking Finale..... Sixteen Shades of Blue.

Family life was causing a lot of stress for our duo yesterday. Who would have thought those dear little blue spotted eggs would cause so much trouble?

                                                         Just think how things were.

                                    Then there was the dreadful gapes with their insatiable demands.

Now they are faced with these cross little creatures, jumping up and down and shouting...

                                                               'we will stay in nest till 12'

                                                          and 'bring us lots of food - NOW!'

( I got the idea for these on 'Springwatch'  - those little tufts amuse me.)

Well, I did warn you of the shocking end. (You can imagine the tabloid headlines.) But, you're still here so read on.

                                                          Mr Blue Bird made a decision.

Now the question is ...were they just off for a week end break?   Or was this long term?

                                                       Flying off into the's final!

                                                               ( The 'poem' in it's entirety.)

                                                               Whilst alone and feeling blue,
                                                               How often have I dreamed of you?

                                                               I found this place to bill and coo
                                                               And maybe lay an egg or two.

                                                               Family Life I must confess,
                                                               Is causing us a lot of stress.

                                                              So come my love, away we fly,
                                                              And leave the brood to D.I.Y!

If you missed the first part of the story, go to blog archives and start again with 'Whatever happened to 'Sixteen Shades of Blue.'

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Did you see this' Sixteen Shades of Blue'?

The scene is set.
Peace and tranquility surround the bird house from heaven.
The nest had been lovingly crafted by our blue bird couple.
The most delightful spotted eggs had been laid.
Now fussing about with a few blue threads was all they could do.
Everything needed to be perfect.

(Do not show the rest of this story to your children.)

                             You know as well as I do that the thunder bolt is about to strike.

                                                    Over night they went from bliss to this.

What a nightmare! All those gaping beaks to feed! What's more it does not goes on and on and on!

                                                   It's enough to drive them over the edge.

Their feathers are looking a bit ruffled now. The stress is knocking his spots off.
No time to tend their lovely garden. All the flowers are trampled to bits.
Will they ever get it together again?

Find out in the next episode of 'Sixteen Shades of Blue'.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The next episode of 'Sixteen Shades of Blue'.

Somehow I've got to make this story seem decided to serialise it.
Yesterday, you learned that our bluebird couple met and fell in love. Now, without giving too much away, they are on the hunt for somewhere to live.

Myself, I think he has been scouting round desirable residences prior to their chance encounter. But, hey, she looks suitably impressed! Have a closer look.

(Used up two more of the blue pieces in this house.)

And before you know it, the inevitable happened and they were moving in.

He's still making minor adjustments to the interior decor and she is still starry eyed.
Let's get closer.

Let's take a peek inside to see what is going on.

They look to have taken delivery of a whole load of lovely spotted eggs.
( Interior decor used 4 more pieces of the stash!) 

Well things got off to a good start........ we'll leave them in peace.
What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Whatever happened to Sixteen Shades of Blue?

I'm blowing the dust from our blog spot even as I type but there is news!
My fabric book which I began last year in our group project called 'Sixteen Shades of Blue' is almost finished.Hurrah! (I have really enjoyed doing it...but 'slow stitching' I think they call it.) However, it occurred to me that it would be easier to photograph the pages before I stitched it altogether, so here goes.

First a bit of background.We took an idea  from the book by Cas Holmes and Anne Kelly called 'Connected Cloth'. They talk about starting points. One idea was where each person is given identical bits and pieces. I've documented this in a previous blog December 2013 describing how we got going.

Now my little sad blue bird, having a fit of the winter blues, and all alone.

                                  Page One with the first line of a special poem written for him.

All is not lost...Spring follows Winter.....hope is renewed. Someone is not quite so sad.

                                    Pages 2 & 3       She looks quite interested don't you think?

Will they...won't they?
I've got to go and do my garden now...sorry. I'll get back to you very, very soon.

PS...If you want to read the first episode of 'Sixteen Shade of Blue' go to blog archive on the right hand side, click on 2013 and then Dec.