Thursday, 11 September 2014

Did you see this' Sixteen Shades of Blue'?

The scene is set.
Peace and tranquility surround the bird house from heaven.
The nest had been lovingly crafted by our blue bird couple.
The most delightful spotted eggs had been laid.
Now fussing about with a few blue threads was all they could do.
Everything needed to be perfect.

(Do not show the rest of this story to your children.)

                             You know as well as I do that the thunder bolt is about to strike.

                                                    Over night they went from bliss to this.

What a nightmare! All those gaping beaks to feed! What's more it does not goes on and on and on!

                                                   It's enough to drive them over the edge.

Their feathers are looking a bit ruffled now. The stress is knocking his spots off.
No time to tend their lovely garden. All the flowers are trampled to bits.
Will they ever get it together again?

Find out in the next episode of 'Sixteen Shades of Blue'.

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