Friday, 12 September 2014

The Shocking Finale..... Sixteen Shades of Blue.

Family life was causing a lot of stress for our duo yesterday. Who would have thought those dear little blue spotted eggs would cause so much trouble?

                                                         Just think how things were.

                                    Then there was the dreadful gapes with their insatiable demands.

Now they are faced with these cross little creatures, jumping up and down and shouting...

                                                               'we will stay in nest till 12'

                                                          and 'bring us lots of food - NOW!'

( I got the idea for these on 'Springwatch'  - those little tufts amuse me.)

Well, I did warn you of the shocking end. (You can imagine the tabloid headlines.) But, you're still here so read on.

                                                          Mr Blue Bird made a decision.

Now the question is ...were they just off for a week end break?   Or was this long term?

                                                       Flying off into the's final!

                                                               ( The 'poem' in it's entirety.)

                                                               Whilst alone and feeling blue,
                                                               How often have I dreamed of you?

                                                               I found this place to bill and coo
                                                               And maybe lay an egg or two.

                                                               Family Life I must confess,
                                                               Is causing us a lot of stress.

                                                              So come my love, away we fly,
                                                              And leave the brood to D.I.Y!

If you missed the first part of the story, go to blog archives and start again with 'Whatever happened to 'Sixteen Shades of Blue.'

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