Monday, 8 September 2014

Whatever happened to Sixteen Shades of Blue?

I'm blowing the dust from our blog spot even as I type but there is news!
My fabric book which I began last year in our group project called 'Sixteen Shades of Blue' is almost finished.Hurrah! (I have really enjoyed doing it...but 'slow stitching' I think they call it.) However, it occurred to me that it would be easier to photograph the pages before I stitched it altogether, so here goes.

First a bit of background.We took an idea  from the book by Cas Holmes and Anne Kelly called 'Connected Cloth'. They talk about starting points. One idea was where each person is given identical bits and pieces. I've documented this in a previous blog December 2013 describing how we got going.

Now my little sad blue bird, having a fit of the winter blues, and all alone.

                                  Page One with the first line of a special poem written for him.

All is not lost...Spring follows Winter.....hope is renewed. Someone is not quite so sad.

                                    Pages 2 & 3       She looks quite interested don't you think?

Will they...won't they?
I've got to go and do my garden now...sorry. I'll get back to you very, very soon.

PS...If you want to read the first episode of 'Sixteen Shade of Blue' go to blog archive on the right hand side, click on 2013 and then Dec.

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